About the book

Building a healthy, rewarding relationship with your adult child

Learn New Strategies and Realistic Expectations to Achieve a Healthy and Rewarding Relationship with Your Adult Child

Many parents assume that after devoting years of hard work to raising children, their kids will launch successfully into adult life and the parent-child relationship will be primarily stress-free. If you are the parent of an adult child, you know that most of the time it’s not this simple.

In Building a Healthy, Rewarding Relationship with Your Adult Child, author and parenting expert Heidi Berr offers critical education about parenting adult children in today’s times, teaches realistic expectations and successful strategies to help navigate relationship challenges and includes an array of exercises and coping skills to manage the stress associated with this stage. Berr shares knowledge and experience from her decades of practice as a psychotherapist and a parent of two adult children. She writes in an encouraging and relatable style and includes many vignettes from her practice and snippets from her own life experiences. This book is a must have for any parent wishing to improve the relationship with their adult child.

You will learn:

  • Why it may seem like you and your child have different perspectives on almost everything.

  • Why your adult child is not reaching for the same milestones as you did at their age.

  • How to identify and correct unrealistic expectations that undermine your ability to relate successfully with your child.

  • How to adopt essential parenting strategies and employ useful tools to navigate relationship challenges.

  • How to differentiate between supportive and enabling parenting styles, and what to do if you cannot stop enabling.

  • How to identify whether your adult child is experiencing a failure to launch, and what you can do to help.

  • Tips for parents of children experiencing domestic abuse, mental illness or substance abuse.